Money Making Guide!

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Money Making Guide!

Post  uk agent on Tue Oct 16, 2012 4:06 pm

Hey everyone, uk agent here, and i bring you a money making guide for the new (718) server.

there are a few ways to make money...
-skilling (can be a good way to make money)
-killing frost dragons (very good way to make money)
-making rune bars (not a bad way to make a few 100m)
-being hired (will explain furthur on in guide)

so the first area of money making (skilling) is a simple way to make money, just do the skills you like, and sell what you get from doing that certian skill to players, or shopkeeper.
smithing is a really good way to make money as people can not be bothered to do it, so if you make the bars, and sell them you will make a fairly big profit.

the second area of money making (frost dragon killing) is probably the best way to make money on this server (so far) as frost dragon bones are needed by all players, and some players are too lazy to get them there self, so they will pay a large amount of money for just one bone.

another good area of money making would be making rune bars, as also, like prayer, many people want 99, as they want a comp cape. as bars, (especially rune) take a fair bit of time to make, people can't be bothered to make them thereself. so they buy the bars instead.
(i would say that 1 bar is worth 1m)(i brought my bars for 1.5m each because i needed them fast.)

the final and in some ways, the best way to make money would be to be hired by someone, in other words, be someones slave, do what they want you to do, for example, buy someone a certian amount of a item they need (such as maple logs) from the shop. i have hired a few people already and they have all earnt over 200mm.
person 1 earnt around 430m - i asked him to buy me 4300 (4.3k) maple logs, so i can get loads of xp in fletching.
person 2 earnt 362m - i asked this person to buy 3500 (3.5k) coal. before realising smelting gives less xp than smithing
person 3 would of earnt 250m - i asked him to get me 50 frost dragon bones, however he didnt want to.
+ pm me if your would like to do a job for me, i will tell you the price i will pay and the job i want you to do, and we can sort things out from there.

So there you are guys, my money making guide - hope this has really helped, and will see you in game!
+ i am applying for mod position, and if you could check it out, and vouch me if you think i deserve it that would be great;
heres the link:
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nice guide ;)

Post  Expert queen on Tue Nov 06, 2012 3:01 am

nice guide bro Wink

now days you can go bandos corp nex anything for money but if you are a lower level and cant afford said beastly gear just go gano's you get about 2b an hour +
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