Staff Application- lol i lose

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Staff Application- lol i lose

Post  lol i lose on Sat Dec 08, 2012 7:19 pm

1.) Ingame name? Lol I Lose

2.) What position are you applying for? Moderator

3.) Do you have any experience as a staff member in other servers? If so, list them No, but i feel like i can do the best i can no matter what position I am

4.) How long have you been playing the server now? Around a month and a half

5.) Why would you like to become Moderator/Administrator? I would like to become a Moderator because I do not scam people, or lure people, and I am a very helpful person when it comes to giving advice to new players or players who need information. I will also not abuse my moderator powers if i am chosen to become a moderator

Thank you very much, lol i lose Very Happy

lol i lose

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