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Post  tos4uFTW on Sat Dec 15, 2012 9:56 am

1.) Ingame name?Tos4uftw Smile

2.) What position are you applying for? Basically a Moderator/Helper Smile

3.) Do you have any experience as a staff member in other servers? If so, list them, Yes i have been admin in almost 3servers and mod in 5-9 servers Smile other than that i have been a mod on Runedesign 704 itself

4.) How long have you been playing the server now?i've been playing from the first launch of the 704! i've been dedicated really liked and really known and i've been a mod in the 704! im really known really liked i always help i mostly play this server 24/7 XD i dont scamm i always wish for a better community! so that's what i provide!

5.) Why would you like to become Moderator/Administrator?Yes i would pretty much like to become a mod Smile im a perfect helper and an excellent friendly dude im pretty much always online i never scam i always report scams Smile im always asking if anyone needs help so im here to help you all Smile PM ME TOS4UFTW <3 Smile



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