Lol i pwn - staff application

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Lol i pwn - staff application

Post  lol i pwn on Tue Dec 18, 2012 7:27 am

1.) Ingame name?
Lol I Pwn
2.) What position are you applying for?
3.) Do you have any experience as a staff member in other servers? If so, list them
Yes, Pkhonor and Inception
4.) How long have you been playing the server now?
4 months
5.) Why would you like to become Moderator/Administrator?
I would like to become a Moderator/Helper because I don't like seeing people being unanswered with easy questions that other Mods/Helpers just don't answer. I will always answer my private messages and yells if they are asked to me from someone

I hope you guys read this application and take good consideration into my request
Thank You,

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