Ferrys apply for moderater status in runedesign

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Ferrys apply for moderater status in runedesign

Post  RD Ferry on Sat Dec 22, 2012 6:27 pm

In-game name? Ferry

2.) What position are you applying for? i am applying for moderator or helper position.

3.) Do you have any experience as a staff member in other servers? If so, list them, i have been a moderator on the following servers: Xlite 718, Ownagepking 667, Nosz-scape (don't know revision of nosz), and i was mod on another 317 server forever ago that i cant remeber the name of.

4.) How long have you been playing the server now? i have only been playing the server for two weeks now but i am in love with this server. i have already donated for the benefits and to help the server stay alive .

5.) Why would you like to become Moderator/Administrator? i would like to be a moderator because i love to help other people and my goal on any rsps is to improve the community by helping and spreading the love inspiring other players to do the same, because i feel that i have the background experience and time to improve the community by helping others, including sharing knowledge and making the game more fun for others. Also containing the amount of bug abusers, and other rule brakers to a very minimal, such as 'Jamflex'.

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