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Storm for mod

Post  Stormys A Baws on Thu Feb 14, 2013 2:02 am

Alright so i saw you're format and i got it but im adding a bit of spice to it

hello my name is storm and im 17 my skype is iibaconii0_0 hit me up if you wanna circle jerk eachother as you can tell im a bid "Weired" but i take that as a compliment and so yeah lets get into these "Forman Questions"



3)yes i was an admin for BubbleScape and use to be a mod for near reality

4)A day or so

5)because i feel i can bring a type of energy i love to goof around and have fun and im just all around a cool guy and i can help with keeping the chats and advertisers and hackers/dupers away


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