Melee Pking Guide For Begineers

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Melee Pking Guide For Begineers

Post  King Parker on Tue Aug 07, 2012 2:58 am

Hello, my IGN is King Parker and I'll be telling you a few player killing tips.

Tip 1.) This is what you should have equiped: A weapon of your choice, (Ex. Abyssal Whip or a 2 handed weapon if you prefer.) A shield/defender, (Ex. Dragon Defender.) unless you have a 2 handed weapon, of course.) Boots, (Ex. Dragon or Steadfast.) Berserker ring, Amulet of Fury, Culinaromancer's gloves 10, TokHaar-Kal, a helmet, (Ex. Helmet of Neitiznot.) a plate body, (Ex. Rune Platebody.) and lastly, Platelegs. (Ex Rune Platelegs.)

Tip 2.) This is what you should have in your inventory: Super Set, (super strength, super attack, and super defence.) A super restore. (drink when low on prayer.) Vengeance runes, (Use the command ::vengrunes to get them.) a special attack weapon, (Ex. Armadyl Godsword.) the rest of you inventory should be Sharks or Rocktails, unless you have a 2 handed special weapon.

Tip 3.) Use Vengeance every 30 seconds. (Vengeance is very helpful against somone with Dharoks and low Constitution or another weapon that hits high.)

Tip 4.) Barrows Benefits: Dharoks- When using Dharok's Armour, the lower your Constitution, the higher you hit. Veracs- When using Verac's Armour, you can hit through your targets protect from melee prayer easily. Guthan's- When using Guthans Amour, everytime you hit your enemy you have a chance of healing. Torags- When using Torag's Armour everytime you hit it drains your enemy's prayer a little bit.

Tip 5.) What Prayer to use- When PKing use the prayers Protect 1 Item, Berserker, Turmoil, and Soul Split.

Tip 6.) When to use your Special Attack Weapon- You should usualy use your Special Weapon when your enemy is about half health.

Tip 7.) If you are new to PKing do not try to type while doing it. Typing and PKing could distract you and get you killed.

Notes: Vengeance hits your enemy after they do damage to you. Use the Barrows to your advantage.

If I forgot anything feel free to tell me or correct me. If you have anymore questions or need more help my IGN is King Parker.

Have fun PKing Smile

King Parker

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